The Mulberry House


Mohamed Darar


With a keen eye in seeing the potential in property and community, Mohamed fell in love with Washington, NC the first time he saw it. He saw the potential of a thriving waterfront town with charming people. So, seven years ago Mohamed and his partners, New Vision Partners, bought the Fowle building that is now The Mulberry House.

Mohamed has a background in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and accounting from Cairo University. He worked for world-renowned KMPG International in Egypt, assisting people in their long-term financial goals. This career choice eventually led him to work for AXA Advisors in Raleigh, NC. Mohamed partnered with his wife, Dr. Reem Darar, in many of their business endeavors. With a strong grounding in business, they were able to create many successful businesses.

After obtaining his CFP in 2008, he founded Mad Money Financial, Inc. offering high quality financial planning services to North Carolina residents. Mohamed has been working closely with the mayor and city officials to work on a plan to revitalize Little Washington into a thriving city.

Dr. Reem Darar


Reem Darar has been creating and supporting new businesses over the duration of her career. Dr. Darar moved to North Carolina to attend UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Biology and taking Mechanical Engineering and Architecture classes.

After receiving her PhD in Natural Medicine from Kingdom College, she opened The Natural Cure, LLC in Raleigh, NC. Here, she guides others through their holistic health journey. Dr. Darar’s passion for holistic medicine plays a huge role in the creation of quality food at the Mulberry House. All ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced locally, and all meals are served with health in mind.

Dr. Darar is also a licensed general contractor. Her company, Titan Contractor Services, LLC, in conjunction with New Vision Partners, renovates real estate and businesses across North Carolina. Her most recent endeavor prior to The Mulberry House, includes the renovation and revitalization of the Colonial Inn in Historic Hillsborough, NC. Despite the challenges, Dr. Darar loves historic restorations and renovations because she believes that these historic buildings are alive and all they need is to be rehabilitated to their former glory.

Justin Fejfar


With an educational background in structural engineering, Justin Fejfar has spent the majority of his career in the design and building of commercial structures. Fejfar grew up in the hospitality industry, finding joy in creating a place to gather from a young age.

After attending The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota, Justin began designing commercial buildings in many parts of South Dakota and Wyoming. In 2007, Fejfar moved to Raleigh, NC to start up his own structural engineering firm, FDR Engineers.

Fejfar completed many projects for the restaurant and hospitality industries in the Raleigh area. The beautiful historic buildings of North Carolina attracted him to diverse his portfolio into real estate development.

After forming New Vision Partners LLC with Mohamed and their life partners, Justin and his team began renovating buildings across the state. He manages the engineering aspects of all of the restorations the group takes on, including being the engineer on record for the restorations of The Mulberry House and The Colonial Inn.

Sunny Fejfar


After receiving her accounting degree, Sunny held books and processed payroll for multiple major companies. Sunny worked in the manufacturing and construction industries for many years, assessing a relevant background in these fields.

In the years following the birth of her two sons, Sunny took on the role of homemaker. Fejfar oversees all administrative functions for multiple businesses including accounting records and Human Resource issues.

Sunny now works with her partners at New Vision Partners to renovate commercial and residential buildings across North Carolina. When the group came across the Historic Fowle Building, Sunny took an active role in the unique interior design seen at The Mulberry House. From the colors to the furniture and fixtures, Sunny’s unique eye for design and attention to detail gives her the ability to create beautiful spaces. Sunny was intrigued by the history of the first building in Washington, NC: The Mulberry Tavern provided food and lodging to sailors and travelers alike. Seeing the similarities, Sunny chose the name, The Mulberry House.

Montana Lausch

Venue and Events Coordinator

Montana’s passion for event planning began long before she began her career. As a child growing up in Phoenix, she loved to help her mom plan corporate events for her company. Lausch turned this into a career in the early 2010s taking on her own clients and organizing and operating large events.

After moving to eastern North Carolina to be with family, Montana fell in love with the beauty of the Inner Banks. She spent years planning weddings and other large-scale events at River Forest Manor in Belhaven, North Carolina.

Montana has spent over a decade coordinating timeless events, tailored to each client’s preferences. Her favorite part of her work is having the opportunity to be a part of a couple’s love story.

"What a beautiful space, adorned in modern furnishings and highlighting some of the historic nature of the downtown Washington area. Sip on perfectly crafted cocktails while viewing the calming water of the Pamlico. This is a must see/experience/enjoy. Food and service could not have been better.
We can't wait to go back!"